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Easy Financing

Fleets 101 offers a full range of financing options. Our "Easy Financing" link allows you a convenient on-line credit application to become pre-qualified, so we can take care of getting you the right financing with the right payments prior to your arrival, saving you time and money!


Leasing With Fleets 101

Who Leases and Why

  • Annual leasing volume in the U.S. alone is well above the $100 Billion level, which means that about one third of  all capital equipment is acquired under a lease contract. 
  • Leasing is also the fastest growing form of external corporate finance in the country.  Companies of all sizes and in all industries lease equipment.  71% of companies recently surveyed by the Gallup Organization lease.
  • The principal reason is that leasing is such a powerful and flexible tool.  Powerful because it enables companies to acquire equipment they might otherwise have to do without.  Flexible because there are many different kinds of leases and a variety of structures for each lease.  Thus, a lease can be tailored to meet almost any need.

Eight Reasons to Lease
Leasing can be utilized by any business that desires to do the following:

  1. Free up capital by avoiding large down payments
  2. Include all the costs of equipment acquisition such as shipping, installation, and training.
  3. Preservation of bank lines for inventory requirements, working capital and emergencies.
  4. Better terms and less restrictions than bank loans
  5. Greater and faster tax benefits since payments are deducted as operating expenses
  6. Hedge against rapid obsolescence and disposal costs
  7. Keep company equity intact
  8. Acquire financing that is convenient flexible: 24 hour approval, include soft costs, upgrade at will, meet budget restrictions.

Does your bank loan provide these benefits?

Professional leasing consultants:  Your Fleets 101’s executive stands for excellence.  Our team prides itself in providing the highest level of customer service and specialized knowledge in your industry.  We represent the elite in Certified Leasing Professionals. 

Quick Approval:  
Typically approvals within 24 hours of submission, allow you to get your equipment installed and operating without delay

Competitive Rated:  
Our competitive low rates all you to structure an affordable lease program to fit your budget! Give us a call today!


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